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I have nowhere to turn you
I have at lot to learn
Not just about Math, Science or English
But about life

But you listen and never tell
I never know how it feels
I remembered when I would sit and sob on the floor
Then you came and guided me

Too bad this is my last year at this school
Seems just like yesterday I walked into your class
Boy that was a blast
Too bad walking down the hall will be my last

But now I’m going
Going to a whole new school
But I will always keep simple rule
Live you life!

But when I walk into that brand new place
I always remember your sweet smiling face
That face gave me strenght and courage
To keep going keep moving
And not letting anything stop me

I hope this doesn’t mean that we can never talk
I hope we keep in touch
So I won’t let up alone
Sitting on the floor again
And all I could do was moan

So thank you for being my friend
So sad that our trust may have to end.

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